Butterfly Magnet Memory foam pillow

Butterfly Magnet Memory foam pillow


Butterfly Magnet Memory Foam Pillow  WH-1101

Grade:Excellence Part:Neck

Brand Name: Royal Ease

Filling:100% PU


Use:Neck,Massage,Hotel Sleeping,Bedding

Age Group:Adults

Coat:100% knitted fabric

Pillow Specifications:  50*31*11/6cm   

Pillow  Weight: 850g      

Butterfly Magnetic Memory Foam Pillow WH-1101

Magnetic therapy is regarded as a safe, non-invasive method of 

applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. 


◊  Product Features

- Contains six strength strip magnets.
- Contoured to cradle the neck and support the spine.

- May help improve circulation and accelerate healing.
- Should reduce muscle stress and tension, may help to relieve pain.

- Maintains good posture for a more restful sleep.


OEM,ODM,Free sample and Free design are provided!


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