Contour Memory foam pillow

Contour Memory foam pillow


Classical Contour Memory Foam Pillow WH-5030

Grade:Excellence Part:Neck

Brand Name: Royal Ease

Filling:100% PU


Use:Neck,Massage,Hotel Sleeping,Bedding

Age Group:Adults

Coat:100% knitted fabric

Pillow Specifications:  50*30*11/7cm   

Pillow  Weight: 800g      

 Memory Foam Pillow WH-5030

1.designed according to the anatomy of the human body,the waveform shape fits

  the head and neck perfectly,It's suitable for all types of people use.

2.with tempurature-sensitive material,originally developed for NASA,molds itself

 to exact body shape to evenly distribute head and neck weight,reducing pressure.



1) Good for promote our blood circulation.

2) Contours and molds to your body shape

3) Hypoallergenic & Dust -Mite free 

4) Relieves pressure points that cause poor sleep 

5) Open cell foam allows proper air circulation.

6) Orthopedic research institute approved







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