Gel Memory Foam Pillow-0502

Gel Memory Foam Pillow-0502


Classcial GEL Pillow (contour shape)   WH-0502

Grade:Excellence Part:Neck

Brand Name: Royal Ease

Filling:100% PU


Use:Neck,Massage,Hotel Sleeping,Bedding

Age Group:Adults

Coat:100% knitted fabric

Pillow Specifications:  50*30*10/7cm   

Pillow  Weight: 1200g      

Clover GEL sheet Size: 46*30*0.5cm

GEL sheet Weight :450g


GEL Memory Foam Pillow WH-0502





1.Gel memory pillow is made with gel pad and memory pillow.It is very suit for cervical spondylosis people and prevention and cure our cervical vertebrae!

Perfect fit support,Zero pressure,good to sleep!

2.As gel cool feeling and especial soft, can alleviate cervical spondylosis people pain,promote sleep quality!