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GEL Pads WH-3824

GEL Pads WH-3824


Classcial GEL Sheets WH-3824

Materials:100% enviromental PU polymer GEL



Color:As your requirement

OEM provided

Odor: NO

Shelf time: Long

Classcial GEL sheets WH-3824


Gel is semisolid thing between liquid and solid.Beacuse its especial pliability and elasticity,it has been called

consummate artificial skin!Gel pillow pad is feeling cool,very soft,protection against insects and acarid,aeration!

So it was widely used for pillow!As gel cool feeling and especial soft,and alleviate cervical spondylosis people

pain,promte sleep quality!



1.With breathe freely trough, breathe freely structure, have good breath ability. Diffuse generate heat from

  human body quickly, maintain the ventilation of the pillow.

2.Offering you a environmentally friendly sleeping,not need open the air-condition, economize the electricity

   charge in summer.

3.Gel layer's air flow system provides pleasant airy and dry sleeping surface, keeping your head cool and fresh.


4.Constant temperature cool gel mat, warm in winter and cool in summer.

5.Soft and comfortable excellent, good rebound. Can reduce the pressure of human body, smooth and not stimulate the skin.

6.The cooling action helps dissipate heat 1.5-2°C from contact area of the body by absorbing body heat.

7.Could well hand together with PU slow rebound sponge and latex sponge. Can effectively reduce the snore and be suitable for asthma.

8.A molding by high-tech scientific formula, durable and never be deformed.


Dongguan dgtopsway industry coltd is a professional gel pad manufacturer!Our product is widely used in pillow in Europe,

USA,South America,China and so on!

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